Sunday, 5 April 2015

Homemade Easter Treats

I hope everyone's enjoying the bank holiday weekend and for those of you who are celebrating, a very happy Easter to you! May your weekend be filled with plenty of chocolate and hot cross buns! I don't normally do anything different for Easter besides buying the usual mountain of Easter Eggs for everyone but an afternoon spent round at my sister's house totally inspired me to get creative. Basically we wanted to spend less than we normally would on Easter eggs and yet create something even more special and thoughtful.     


So with a small budget in mind we headed off to our local Poundland to check out what (if any!) Easter bits they had in store. Turns out they had loads of cute bits and pieces, we really could have spent so much more than we did! There was tons of Easter themed crafty bits, my favourite of which where the little baskets and other things to create your own egg hunt. I seriously can't wait to have kids, I'm really going to go all out with that kind of thing! In the end though we bought this great pack which included cellophane bags decorated with eggs and bunnies, tissue paper in assorted pastel colours and little ribbon ties, so we could make our own Easter treat bags. All for a pound too, bargain!

To fill the bags we chose assorted bags of mini eggs, Cadbury dairy milk mini eggs, mini Malteaster bunnies and Cadbury Creme Eggs to go in each as well as some fluffy little Easter chicks to finish them off. They took less than five minutes to put together and only cost about £3 per head, about half the price of your average Easter egg! Then we had the idea to make some simple but extra yummy chocolate nest cakes which again, took about 5 minutes to make but I already know they'll be a big hit with my family today! Oh and if you're wondering, the cake stand also came from Poundland last year, I  thought the colours of it fitted perfectly with my Easter theme!

So if you find yourself doing a last minute mad dash round the shops looking for the last remaining Easter eggs, why not try my ideas instead! I guarantee your friends and family will appreciate the thought you put in to these way more than a Peppa Pig or Bob the Builder Easter egg cause we all know that's all they'll have left!

What do you guys think of our Easter treats we created? Have you made anything special for Easter? Be sure to let me know below!

Ellie x
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