Tuesday, 24 June 2014

OOTD - Borrowed From My Sister

// Necklace - PRIMARK // T shirt - ZARA // Shorts - VINTAGE // Bag - PRIMARK // Sandals - PRIMARK // 

For as long as I can remember my sister and I have shared pretty much everything we own. That includes clothes, shoes, bags, basically the entire contents of our wardrobes, sometimes we'll even buy things with the view of sharing it between us because that's just what we've always done. We have our own individual styles and yet I love that we can both wear the same thing but style it up in completely different ways.

So of course I borrowed some things from her for this outfit, the gorgeous white, aqua blue and lilac bag which matched perfectly with my lilac top and blue sandals, as well as the chunky gold necklace to add a bit of interest to the neckline of an otherwise plain top. Just as a side note, I bought this top in the Zara sale for just £9.99, there's some serious bargains to be had there so make sure you go take a look before all the good stuff has gone!


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

OOTD - A Girl In Berlin

// T Shirt - MANGO £17.99 // Shorts - VINTAGE // Bag - Primark £6.00 // Sandals - NEW LOOK £15.99 // Sunglasses - VINTAGE //

I finally managed to do an outfit post, round of applause for me I think! I don't do them very often which is a shame because they're my favourite kind of post to do but they're also probably the trickiest. Unfortunately I don't have an ace photographer on hand to take pictures for me (I wish!) so I either try and persuade my sister to take them or I do it myself. Cue me running back and forth from the camera and trying to pose naturally in 10 seconds flat! Anyway enough excuses, from now I'm going to try and do an outfit post at least once a week, I promise!

This outfit is pretty much typical of what I'll be wearing this summer. Lets face it, you can't go wrong with a pair of denim cut offs and a cropped t like this one I picked up from Mango at the weekend. Mango's not normally a place I shop in as I tend to think it's aimed at an older market, but they had some really cute things so I guess I'll have to start taking a look in there more often!

What will you guys be wearing most now that summer is here? Let me know below!


Monday, 16 June 2014

HUGE Summer Shoe Haul

It seems I've gone a bit shoe crazy lately, I honestly didn't realise how many pairs of shoes I'd bought in the last two weeks until I brought them all together for this post. In my defence though, most of my old shoes are either falling apart or are so stretched out that they no longer fit so really it was long over due. 

As well as all that, I'm going on holiday in a few weeks (yay!) so I really needed to get a couple of pairs of sandals for during the day and some summery heels to wear in the evenings that would withstand cobbled streets.
I went for quite neutral colours to make it easier to decide what shoes to take with me as I figured they'll go with more outfits and I can get more wear out of them. I don't know about you but I find it so difficult choosing what to pack in my suitcase, suddenly I can't be without any of the shoes I own for two weeks and I end up taking way too many! Anyone else do this?! 

What do you think of what I've bought? Let me know below!


Monday, 9 June 2014

N.O.T.D - Daisy Nail Art

I thought I'd do a quick post about this really easy daisy inspired nail art I did on my sister's nails at the weekend, how cute are those little flowers! I used my new dotting tool which came with the Ciate Nail Lab I recently purchased, I will most definitely be doing a post about the Nail Lab soon so keep an eye out for it.

I used the larger end of the dotting tool to place a yellow dot in the middle and then placed the same sized white dots around the edge of the yellow finished off with another dot of yellow on top. Honestly this couldn't be easier, you don't even need a dotting tool to try it, you could just as easily used the rounded end of a bobby pin or the flat end of a cocktail stick, both of which I've used successfully in the past for creating nail art. I kept it simple but you could add polka dots, stripes or try it with different colours, there's endless possibilities with this.

What I used:
Ciate Dotting Tool
SinfulColors Cream Nail Enamel 'Island Coral' - £1.99 boots.com
Barry M Nail Paint 'Matte White' - £2.99 boots.com
Seventeen Quicker Slicker Nail Polish 'Lemon Tart' - £2.99 boots.com

Let me know what you think below!

Friday, 6 June 2014

BARGAIN ALERT! Free Ciate Caviar Manicure Kit With Marie Claire UK

Marie Claire UK has teamed up with one of my favourite nail polish brands, Ciate to give away these cute little Caviar Manicure sets with this month's July Issue. Being a huge fan of the Ciate nail polishes and their amazing array of colours I couldn't not share with you the opportunity to get your hands on these little kits worth £10 for a measly £2.50! If it's one things British Women's magazines are good at then it's giving away amazing freebies! 

I couldn't actually pick which colour manicure set I got as all the packs where facing the wrong way but I was more than happy when I got home to find I had 'Party Punch' a gorgeous barbie pink polish with purple, pink and white caviar pearls. There's six colours to choose from, each kit contains a mini nail polish and a mini pot of caviar pearls. These are such a fun and easy way to do nail art and I reckon they're going to sell out pretty quickly so if you're after one (or all of them!) I recommend you get down the shops sharpish! 


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer Capsule Wardrobe For Gorgeous Curves

My sister recently gave me the task of putting together a summer capsule wardrobe for her to be inspired by after taking a look at the one I created for myself a few weeks ago (see here). She's incredibly lucky in that she has a body most girls would die for (including me), in fact, we're pretty much polar opposites body wise. She's tall with a perfect hourglass figure, think along the lines of Kelly Brook or Kate Upton. Me on the other hand, well I'm just small all over, puberty wasn't as kind to me!

So on to my list, well there was loads more I could have included. The British high street really is on fire at the moment with so much great stuff in the shops but I  cut it down and this is what I came up with:

When I put this list together I decided to focus on clothes that accentuate a smaller waist. Things that are high waisted or nipped in at the waist do such a great job of showing off an hour glass shape or creating it if you don't have one. I suppose the two things I really steered clear of are shapeless maxi dresses, (maxi dresses that go in under the bust or at the waist are fine) and high necked tops which lets face it, aren't really flattering on anyone but particularly so if you are of the big breasted club!

My particular favourites are the beautiful rose print skirt from New Look which looks way more expensive than it is (14.99, bargain!) and the stunning rose print bandeau dress from Oasis. It's the sort of dress shape Marilyn Monroe used to wear, figuring hugging yet incredibly flattering what with all the seams and cupped bra top. On second thoughts, I think I might have to buy it for myself. 

Do you guys have any favourites from my selection? Let me know below!

p.s. Big Sis, I hope you like at least one thing from this list!

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