Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer Capsule Wardrobe For Gorgeous Curves

My sister recently gave me the task of putting together a summer capsule wardrobe for her to be inspired by after taking a look at the one I created for myself a few weeks ago (see here). She's incredibly lucky in that she has a body most girls would die for (including me), in fact, we're pretty much polar opposites body wise. She's tall with a perfect hourglass figure, think along the lines of Kelly Brook or Kate Upton. Me on the other hand, well I'm just small all over, puberty wasn't as kind to me!

So on to my list, well there was loads more I could have included. The British high street really is on fire at the moment with so much great stuff in the shops but I  cut it down and this is what I came up with:

When I put this list together I decided to focus on clothes that accentuate a smaller waist. Things that are high waisted or nipped in at the waist do such a great job of showing off an hour glass shape or creating it if you don't have one. I suppose the two things I really steered clear of are shapeless maxi dresses, (maxi dresses that go in under the bust or at the waist are fine) and high necked tops which lets face it, aren't really flattering on anyone but particularly so if you are of the big breasted club!

My particular favourites are the beautiful rose print skirt from New Look which looks way more expensive than it is (14.99, bargain!) and the stunning rose print bandeau dress from Oasis. It's the sort of dress shape Marilyn Monroe used to wear, figuring hugging yet incredibly flattering what with all the seams and cupped bra top. On second thoughts, I think I might have to buy it for myself. 

Do you guys have any favourites from my selection? Let me know below!

p.s. Big Sis, I hope you like at least one thing from this list!

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