Friday, 6 June 2014

BARGAIN ALERT! Free Ciate Caviar Manicure Kit With Marie Claire UK

Marie Claire UK has teamed up with one of my favourite nail polish brands, Ciate to give away these cute little Caviar Manicure sets with this month's July Issue. Being a huge fan of the Ciate nail polishes and their amazing array of colours I couldn't not share with you the opportunity to get your hands on these little kits worth £10 for a measly £2.50! If it's one things British Women's magazines are good at then it's giving away amazing freebies! 

I couldn't actually pick which colour manicure set I got as all the packs where facing the wrong way but I was more than happy when I got home to find I had 'Party Punch' a gorgeous barbie pink polish with purple, pink and white caviar pearls. There's six colours to choose from, each kit contains a mini nail polish and a mini pot of caviar pearls. These are such a fun and easy way to do nail art and I reckon they're going to sell out pretty quickly so if you're after one (or all of them!) I recommend you get down the shops sharpish! 

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