Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Lifelong Struggle Of Having A Babyface

I am the not so proud owner of a babyface and I hate it. Soon I'll be 22 and yet I still look 15 or 16. Even when I was really young I looked younger. My huge, squirrel like cheeks that people just loved to squeeze didn't help the matter and much to my annoyance they still haven't disappeared. I know, I know, "When you're older, you'll be happy to look so much younger". I've heard it all before but really I'd just be happy to look my actual age, no more and no less.

Here's some the worst things that occur from me having a baby face, I'm sure there's plenty of you fellow babyfaces out there who will relate!

  • Being refused a lottery ticket because I had no ID on me. The age limit is 16.
  • Sitting in an emergency exit row on a plane and being asked my age by the air stewardess to check I was old enough to sit there.
  • Only ever getting checked out by 15 year old boys. Eww. 
  • The 'Nice Try' look people give me before they ask for ID when I'm buying alcohol. Same goes for getting in to any bar or club and sometimes even just to be in a pub after 8pm!
  • Delivery men asking if I have the day off school. Cue much awkwardness as I tell them I finished school SIX YEARS AGO! 
  • Never being able to pull off looking 'sexy', instead I just look ridiculous.   
  • Being condescendingly spoken to by teenage shop assistants. I'm older than you dammit!   

I suppose it's not all bad though. I mean, my parents both look at least 10 years younger than they actually are and true fact, my Dad was once asked for his ID in a bar when he was in his mid forties! I guess you could say the babyface gene runs in the family and so what if I have 20 more years ahead of me of being asked for ID, I'll pass it over with my chubby cheeks held high. Just god forbid anyone who tries to squeeze them.

Ellie x
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