Monday, 29 July 2013

USA Road Trip - Days 13-14

So as I said in the previous road trip post we decided to leave a day early from Maine so we didn't have to do a four hour drive the morning of our flight. We managed to find a hotel about a half hour from Boston Airport I can't remember the name of the area, all I know is that our hotel had an indoor water park connected to it that I begrudgingly didn't get to visit. After a night spent in yet another hotel room (our 5th!) with a few hours to spare before our flight that evening we all agreed that more shopping was in order! Woohoo! I couldn't wait for another trip to forever 21 and Sephora of course although I was a little disappointed that most things in Sephora were the same price or more expensive than at home. We got some lunch in the food hall and then it was on to the airport. By this point I was getting a little worried as there were radio reports of tornado warnings and thunderstorms so we were keeping our fingers crossed our flight wouldn't be delayed, or worse cancelled. Thankfully ours wasn't but most of the domestic flights unfortunately were, there was immense relief all round as we scanned the screens past all the cancelled flights to see the words ON TIME next to ours.  If you've ever flown from terminal E at Boston Logan Airport (I think it's the main international terminal) you'll know that there really isn't a whole lot to see or do. There's a few shops and a couple of fast food restaurants but lets just say that Heathrow Terminal 5 it isn't! Eventually we made it home after a reasonably short five and a half hour flight and boy did it feel good to be home. Knackered and jet lagged we all fell in to bed and I slept for about 7 hours. Oops not a good idea, cue me at 4:00am the next morning eating a whole bag of share sized crisps whilst watching endless Frasier re-runs!     

 I apologise this post is a little later than all the other road trip posts, I didn't realise I hadn't actually published it.
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