Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Buying Fabric

    Medium Chevron Fabric in Orange from           Elk Family Pool Fabric By Birch Fabric
                Riley Blake Available here                                       Available here

When it comes to buying fabric I'm very limited as to where I can go, and if I want really great new designs it's even more limited. In fact I can only think of one place I go on a regular basis and that's fabric land. If you live in the south of England then you might be familiar with fabric land, they sell everything you might need in haberdashery terms but the choice of fabrics they stock (well at least at my local shop) is pretty uninspiring. Because of this I decided to have a look at buying fabric online and I've found a great website which sells the most amazing fabrics and prints. It's called misformake.co.uk and I've made a recent order of the two fabrics above which I'm quite excited about. The orange chevron fabric from Riley Blake I am going to use to make cushions for my bedroom and the Elk print fabric, which is from the 'Mod Basics' collection by Birch Fabrics, my Mum will be using to make cushions for our living room. I can't tell you how much I love the fabrics on this website, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to find fabrics like these in any of my local fabric shops. If you live in the UK then I definitely recommend checking them out at least just for a look at all the pretty prints.
A few more of my favourites from the site:
    Scalloped Edge In Ivory Available here                Penants Waving in Ivory Available here
             White Casettes Available here                                Native Band Jade Available here
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