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Rimmel Nude Collection By Kate Moss - Review & Swatches

The newest addition to the ever popular Rimmel By Kate Moss lipsticks is The Nude Collection, a range of neutral shade lipsticks designed to be flattering on all skin tones. There are five shades to choose from ranging from a pale peachy colour to a deep brown-y red. Rimmel have even created a handy shade guide to help decipher which nude is right for you based on your skin undertones.

Shade Guide:
·         All Skin Types - 40, 43, 48
·         Neutral Skin Undertones - 40, 42
·         Warm Skin Undertones - 43
·         Cool Skin Undertones - 45

Based on the shade guide I chose shade  40, the lightest shade and a pale peachy colour and shade 45, a rosy pink. My skin has cool undertones, it's definitely more on the pink side rather than yellow. With that in mind these two shades should have been perfect for me but unfortunately one of them just wasn't quite right.

Shade 40 was far too pale for my liking! When I put it on my lips literally disappeared as if I'd painted over them with foundation. I can remember this being a trend a few years ago but it was never one I got on board with! It was just too similar to my actual skin tone, so when I had it on it made me look as if I had no lips what so ever. Definitely not a look I want to go for seeing as I think my lips are one of my nicest features! Maybe if I was wearing a really dramatic, dark eye it might look good but I can't see myself wearing it every day. Shade 45 however suited me much better. It's basically exactly the same as my natural lip colour so much more of an every day shade.

                         - Shade 40 -                                                                          - Shade 45 -

The two shades I chose might not have been a big hit with me but the formulation of the lipsticks certainly is. I have other versions of the Rimmel Kate lipsticks and I'm a big fan of how creamy and moisturising they are. They glide on really easily yet they still have a great colour pay off which is buildable with a couple of layers too.  Considering just how creamy they are, they're pretty long lasting too. 

If you're looking for the perfect nude shade this summer then I'd certainly recommend you check out the Rimmel by Kate Moss Nude Collection. You're bound to find the right shade for you, all I'd recommend is you don't stick to the shade guide too strictly and instead (unlike me!) give all the shades a try.

Have you tried any of the lipsticks from The Nude Collection? Let me know below!

Rimmel Nude Collection By Kate Moss - £5.49

Ellie x
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