Friday, 17 January 2014

Review - Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick 'Showmance'


I committed a beauty sin yesterday, I bought a lipstick without opening it, oops! I was looking for an orange lipstick and I've tried a few seventeen lipsticks already so I thought 'Ooh that looks like a bright orange, I'll get that one!'. Well, it's safe to say I was pretty disappointed when I got home and opened it, it turned out to be not at all orange but in fact more of a pale pink colour. I've included a picture of the colour on the lipstick so you can see why I thought it was going to be orange right?

Now believe me I do not need any more pink lipsticks, I have more than enough but I still gave it a try and actually it's not too bad, it has a slight orange tinge to it but it is mostly pink and quite shimmery. I don't normally go for shimmer but I have to say I think this lipstick is growing on me, it's definitely one I'll keep for Summer.

According to seventeen this is a 'longwear lip colour with stain' which I have to say I actually agree with. I tested it out this afternoon and considering it has quite a creamy texture, it really did stay put. The sheen wore off after an hour but it did leave a bright pink stain on my lips which I actually kinda liked! Yes I was initially disappointed by the colour but I like the idea of these lipsticks so I think I'm gonna give some more colours a try.

Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick £4.49

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