Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Ciate Mini Mani Month Calendar - Days 10-24

Firstly I want to say how impressed I am with each days offerings in the Ciate Mini Mani Month Calendar, I've now got some really great new additions to my nail polish collection. I was worried there might be a few duds in there that I didn't like I can honestly say there isn't one colour I don't like which is great! 

As promised here is what was behind each window of Days 10-24: 

Day 10. Speed Coat Top Coat - Day 11. Jingle Belle Glitter (Exclusive) - Day 12. Pepperminty - Day 13. Ferris Wheel - Day 14. Party Shoes - Day 15. Play Date - Day 16. Members Only - Day 17. Frost Yourself Caviar (Exclusive) - Day 18. Amazing Gracie

Day 19. Underwear BaseCoat - Day 20. Ivory Queen - Day 21. Confetti - Day 22. Christmas Tree Caviar (Exclusive) - Day 23. Locket - Day 24. Serendipity (Exclusive)

My favourites from the last two weeks of the calendar have to be Party Shoes, a gorgeous gold glitter with flecks of turqoise in it and Ivory Queen, a really pretty nude pink shade. I've already worn both on multiple occassions including together which you can see here

The calendar is now in the sale for £21.00 at ciate.co.uk. so I suggest you get your hands on it quick before its all sold out, 24 polishes for only £21 is a real bargain! Oh and don't forget to take a look at the first 9 days of the Mini Mani Month here! 

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