Friday, 5 September 2014

Pinspiration - Bedroom Decor

Now that my sister has moved out I've decided to move in to her much bigger room and then the fun bit begins, redecorating! If you're a long time reader you might remember that I only redecorated my soon to be old bedroom last year so it seems a shame that I'm moving to a different room but honestly I really think I'm gonna appreciate a little extra space. Although, if you asked my Dad, he'd say it's just more space to make a mess in, I'm really not the tidiest person when it comes to all my clothes and makeup! 

I turned to pinterest for inspiration as to how I want to decorate, in fact I've made a board of all the pins I like so make sure you go take a look here. There's an overwhelming theme of white and grey amongst most of the pictures I've pinned which is kinda odd for me because normally I love tons of really bright colours.

I'm hoping that a neutral colour scheme will create a calm and relaxing room to help me drift off as I'm the world's worst sleeper so I'm trying to stay away from having too many bold patterns and prints. I am slightly concerned I'll get bored with all the white so I'm undecided whether or not to add a few pops of colour in with the cushions and throws. Once I've got all the walls painted and the furniture in then I'll decide on the final look and I'll make sure to share the pictures on here.

What kind of look would you go for/ have you got in your bedroom? Any ideas would be hugely appreciated so let me know below!

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