Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Picks For Autumn 2013 - Structured Coats

It's that time of year again when we'll all be thinking about what we'll be wearing to keep warm this Autumn/Winter and whether the coat we bought three years will hold out another winter. I feel like a good quality coat should be a staple in all our wardrobes and boy is there some good ones around this season. I'm focusing on structured coats in this post because there's many variations on this style and lets be honest, if you've got to cover up an outfit which took an hour to pick out then you might as well pick a coat that's going to make a statement. This autumn the rule book has been thrown out the window, pastels are no longer confined to spring/summer and masculine shapes are being made more feminine with softer fabrics and fur trims. 

It's definitely worth paying that little bit extra for a coat that will last a good few years so make sure it's good quality and most of all that it'll keep you warm! If you go for something a bit different like a biker style coat, know that it's likely to go out of style in a year or two so don't spend too much on it (unless you want to of course!). A classic style like a single breasted coat is more of an investment piece which will always be in style and last for years to come so is worth spending extra on.
If your budget is tight I'd recommend a look on ebay. I fell in love with a coat from Miss Selfridge last year but it was way out of my budget. After a quick search I managed to find the exact same coat on ebay brand new and unworn for half the price! Luckily for me someone had been given it as a gift but didn't want it so had decided to sell it. It's always worth having a look, even if you can't find the exact same coat, they'll be loads that are similar.  

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