Tuesday, 9 December 2014

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar - Day 7

We're on day 7 already, phew this week's gone quick! It was a nice little surprise today to find an Aromatherapy Associates candle in my calendar. This is a brand I'm a big fan off but I have to admit something, I'm really not a candle person! I'm quite sensitive to strong fragrances, they make me feel queasy and sneezy to the point where I can't go anywhere near Lush shops and have to completely avoid Yankee Candle stands!

So I'm not sure about this one, the smell reminds me of the incense they burn in churches, it's definitely not unpleasant, in fact there's something quite soothing about it. Most likely though I think I'll be giving it to my Mum because she most definitely is a candle person!

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