Thursday, 18 June 2015

Contouring For Fair Skin - Maybelline Master Sculpt Review

Contouring can be very tricky for the best of us, it's something you can get either spectacularly wrong or absolutely spot on. It's even more tricky however if you're fair skinned, it's so difficult to find the right shade that won't end up with you looking like you have two orange streaks on either side of your face! That's where the new Maybelline Master Sculpt comes in, a 2 in 1 contouring palette with a highlight and contour shade that is supposedly the answer to all our contouring problems. It comes in two shades; Light/Medium and Medium/Dark which, from what I can tell, will suit most skin tones. 

The handy sized palette consists of a matte contour powder and a shimmer highlight on the top, which lifts up to reveal a decent sized mirror and a small contouring brush. I really like that some thought have been put in to the design of the palette making it perfect to pop in your handbag and use on the go. 

I bought the Light/Medium shade hoping for a good match for my pale skin which in fact it is. It's more of a skin tone colour rather than an unnatural orange shade and seems to be a lot lighter than any other matte bronzer/contour powders I've seen before. It picks up incredibly easily on the brush too, in fact maybe a little too easily so you do have to take care to be quite light handed. On first use I decided to give the little brush that came with the the palette a try. It's an okay brush, it's not scratchy and the thin, tapered shape make it easy to blend the product in to the hollows of the cheekbones. The fact that the handle is so small however makes it tricky to use comfortably so after the initial use I stuck with my Real Techniques Foundation Brush and Contour Brush to blend.  

I was really impressed with how natural the colour of the contour powder looked on my skin once it was blended out. It created a really soft shadow of colour and somehow managed to create  the effect of stand out cheek bones on my chubby cheeked face! I didn't go too crazy with it because the risk of going overboard with contouring still scares me but I have to say I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I feel like it's a product I could really easily integrate into my everyday make-up routine. As for the highlighter, well the slightly peachy colour to it means it blended almost seamlessly with my skin tone to create a really subtle glow . I used my fingers to apply it and again it was easy to pick up and blend out. 

In the swatch picture above I've layered both products twice to build up the colour enough to be able to be picked up by the camera. I've left it unedited so you can get a real feel of what the colours of both the contour powder and highlighter are really like.

I'd definitely recommend that Maybelline Master Sculpt in the shade Light/Medium would be a really great buy for someone who is fair skinned and has maybe been scared off from contouring in the past. The natural finish this left me with has swayed me in to thinking that perhaps contouring isn't just for bronzed beauties after all! It's probably not something I'll be doing every day but now that I know I can contour, I'll definitely be doing it more often!

Have you tried Maybelline Master Sculpt? Are you a contour fanatic or a scared newbie like me? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Maybelline Master Sculpt - £6.99

Ellie x
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