Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Review - Paperchase Geo Nail Wraps

I got these super cute Paperchase nails wraps in my stocking this Christmas and I've been so impressed that I just had to share them with you! Being primarily a stationary shop, I had no idea Paperchase sold any sort of beauty products but low and behold they sell the best nail wraps I've ever tried!

I've tried multiple nail wraps from top brands including Essie and Sally Hansen all of which I was really underwhelmed with, they either weren't sticky enough so just peeled off my nails after an hour or the sticker was so thick that they wouldn't smooth out on my nails. However no such problems with the Paperchase nail wraps, they are extremely sticky and after a few days of wear they are still stuck fast. You'll be happy to hear they are also incredibly easy to apply because the sticker are nice and thin which means they're easy to smooth out on your nails so no annoying air bubbles as well as being easy to file off neatly at the edge of your nail.

I have really small hands so normally I find most nail stickers are just a little bit too big but the Paperchase pack includes a whole range of sizes and I managed to find sticker that fitted my nails perfectly. Two sheets are included which is enough for two lots of wear and at £4.50 I think they're a real bargain compared to the Essie wraps which range in price from £9.99 to £11.99!

The printed designs look great and I love the range of colours together. They have tons of really cool patterns and designs available on their website ranging from £4.00 to £4.50. I'm wearing the Geo Nail Wraps which are available at

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