Wednesday, 5 March 2014

N.O.T.D - Polka Dot Nails


Polka dots have to be the easiest nail art ever, all it takes is a bit of practice and a steady hand. Trust me, I'm the most clumsy person ever so if I can do it, you definitely can. I don't actually have a dotting tool which is what most people tend to use so suggestions please as to where I can get one for cheap, I'd be interested to see if it's easier! I actually use a kebab skewer which might sound odd but the pointed end is the perfect size to pick up just the right amount of polish. You might want to break the skewer in half if you're going to try it however so you don't poke your eye out!

Three easy steps for perfect polka dots:
1. Drop a small amount of polish on to a piece of aluminium foil (it stops the polish from drying out).
2. Dip the pointed end of your dotting tool in to the polish picking up a small bubble of polish on the end.
3. Just touch the bubble of polish on to the nail to create the dot.

What I used:
Ciate Paint Pot in 'Underwear' - £11
Ciate Paint Pot in 'Pepperminty' - £9
Barry M Nail Paint in 'Matte White' -£2.99  

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