Friday, 26 July 2013

How To Make An Envelope Cushion Cover

I've wanted to make some lovely cushions for my bedroom for ages now and what better time to do it than when my room is having a complete overhaul. I'm finally going to start stripping off the wallpaper this weekend and I can't wait to get rid of the pink! 
My new colour scheme is aqua blue, white and coral/orange. You might have seen my previous post about buying the fabric I used (which you can read here) which I chose because I just loved the chevron print and the orange colour was exactly what I was looking for. Anyway seeing as I was getting creative and dusting off my sewing skills I thought I'd share how I made this envelope cushion cover. It's so simple even if you're not a confident  sewer as it's all about straight lines. Happy Sewing!  

You will need:
Thread to match your fabric
Sewing machine
Marking chalk
Step One: Start by measuring out the fabric. It should be two and a half times the length of the cushion plus an extra 5cm for hemming on all sides. Then cut the fabric to size.
Step two: With the right side of the fabric facing down, create a hem at either width end
by turning up 2.5cm of the fabric.
 Step three: Iron both folds then run through the sewing machine using a straight stitch.

Step four: Turn the fabric the other way so the wrong side of the material is facing the    
table. Place your cushion pad at one of the hemmed ends of the fabric. Fold the fabric    
over the cushion twice to create the envelope.  
Step five: Using a pencil mark the fabric where the folds meet then remove the cushion. Fold the fabric back to the mark. Pin together along the sides leaving 2.5cm on each side to allow for the seam.
Step six: Run down each side through the sewing machine. If you want to you can trim the edges to 1.5cm to neaten it up. Turn the cover inside out and iron if you need to. Finally place your cushion inside the cover. 

This cushion cover is so easy even a complete sewing novice can do it. You could also do it without a sewing machine and sew it by hand but it would probably take you quite a bit longer so I wouldn't advise this! My Mum taught me this technique years ago and it's one of those really easy sewing projects that anyone can do!

Ellie x
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