Friday, 5 July 2013

USA Road Trip - Days 7-12

Days 7 and 8 were mostly spent on the road, 11 hours to be exact but surprisingly it passed quite quickly. I spent most of the journey on my ipad watching TV shows and playing games so the drive was pretty easy really.

Eventually we reached our final destination in Maine, a house we were renting for the week in a lovely seaside town. We were all really impressed with the house and were more than comfortable for the week, I guess it was just nice not to have to stay in yet another hotel room! In the area itself there wasn't really much going on but thankfully we had the hire car so most days we travelled about an hour out of the area to the nearest excursions. In fact the nearest shopping mall was about an hour and a half away, I'm so glad the nearest shopping centre at home is only 15 minutes away! Obviously we took advantage of the price difference and did a lot of shopping and just generally explored the pretty seaside towns along Maine's coast.

For a special treat on my Dad's birthday we all visited Fort Knox State Historical Site, which is a fort built on the banks of the Penobscot River in the town of Prospect, Maine to defend against any British invasion.  My Dad was in the Navy for 15 years so anything to do with war, history and the sea floats his boat if you'll pardon the pun. The fort never saw any battle but it was still interesting to see a little bit of American history although we were a little disappointed they hadn't made more of the exhibits etc. I can't actually find any pictures we took of the fort but if I do I will put them up. 
After being so lucky with the weather at the beginning of the week unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and there was thunder storms/rain the last few days so we couldn't take advantage of any of the lovely lakes and beaches. Partly due to the weather and partly due to the unexpected four hour drive to the airport (we actually thought we were staying in Rockport MA not Rockport ME!) we decided to leave a day earlier than expected to  stay the nigh in a town closer to Boston. The area was just starting to get busy for the 4th of July celebrations and I was really disappointed we were going to miss out on all the fun, but was definitely glad we didn't have to do a stressful four hour drive the morning of our flight. I apologise this was such long post but there was just so much to fit in! 

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