Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wishlist - Summer Capsule Wardrobe

All the glorious sunshine we've had in the UK recently has made me realise just how under prepared my wardrobe is for this time of the year. It's all autumnal colours, long sleeves and jumpers, none of which is exactly suitable for the summer months. In fact, it makes me wonder what I even wore last summer, knowing me I probably just lived in my denim cutoffs.

So, what with me going on holiday in just over a months time (eek!), I've set myself the challenge of putting together a capsule wardrobe to compliment what clothes I already have. My personal favourites include the high waisted H&M bikini bottoms that I could totally mix and match with different coloured bikini tops, the stunning Miss Selfridge Floral playsuit perfect for glamming up for evenings out as well as the white sandals from Forever 21 because lets face it, white goes with everything. Only problem now is finding the money to buy it all... any chance I could borrow a fiver? 

What do you guys think of what I've picked? Let me know below!

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