Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How To Get Victoria Secret Style, Wavy Hair

I thought it was about time I did another hair tutorial considering the last time I did one it was about 6 months ago, woops! I like to call this look 'Bloggers Hair' because it's how a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers wear their hair, in loose, carefree waves with a middle parting. It literally only takes 10 minutes to do so it's great for first thing before school or work when you haven't got too much time to style your hair as you don't have to worry about it looking too perfect. 

You will need:
  • A Curling Iron (at least 1 1/4 inch)
  • Strong Hold Hairspray
  • A Paddle Brush.
  • Works best on medium to long hair.

How To - Loose, Voluminous Waves:
  • Put your hair roughly in to a centre parting
  • Split your hair in to two down the middle
  • Stating from the back (no need to section) curl pieces of hair aproximately 4cm wide making sure to curl in the direction away from the face only. 
  • Repeat throughout the whole head of hair.
  • Curl from half way down the head only.

  • The aim is for it not to look perfect so if there are parts that aren't completely curled then that's ok. 
  • Leave for around half an hour or even just while you do your make up for the curls to cool and set.
  • Brush through the curls to loosen either with a paddle brush of your fingers, giving it a good shake to seperate the curls for more of a wave.
  • Make sure to push it up at the top so it's not flat against your head. A little bit of back combing might be needed at this point.
  • Finally give it a good spray with a strong hold hairspray. I like to use good old L'Oreal Elnette hairspray, my Granny always used to use it and her hair wouldn't move an inch! 

There you have it, gorgeous loose waves to rival any Victoria Secret model! What's great about this hairstyle is that it looks just as good the next day when the waves are slighter looser, it's more of a cool, undone look. I've only just started doing my hair this way but now I don't want to wear it any other way. I like that it doesn't look over styled, as if I just woke up that morning and my hair was just the right amount of wavy! Oh and in case you're wondering, I used the Remington Jumbo Curling Iron similar to this one.

Let me know if you'd like me to do any more hair tutorials and what styles you'd like to see!

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