Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wishlist - Spring Wardrobe Updates

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I could spend a serious amount of money in the shops right now, there's so many things I've seen that I really want but unfortunately my bank balance doesn't match my imaginary one. I feel like I go through phases when I don't want to buy anything at all but as soon as the seasons change there's a hundred things I want, does anyone else do this?!

For me Spring is the best time to update your wardrobe, here in the UK there isn't much of a difference in weather between Spring and Summer (i.e. it's pretty cool) so I tend to think about layering up with light jackets and thin trousers or long floaty skirts. This gorgeous Peach Jersey Bomber from Monki for example is perfect for Spring/Summer, it would keep you warm on a breezy day but is lightweight enough to carry round if it gets too hot. It's probably now obvious that I like my fashion practical AND stylish, I blame my Dad for never letting me leave the house without a jacket!

I also can't get enough of these Nude Skater Shoes from Dorothy Perkins, they look delicate and girly but with a tomboy edge, I really need to get my hands on them, like now. Oh and how perfect would this Embroidered Kimono from Topshop be for a festival, I can just imagine myself wearing it flapping my arms up and down in time to the music like a complete idiot. I just need to decide which festival to go to this year, suggestions please!

Anything you're particularly excited about wearing now spring is here? Let me know below!

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