Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Countdown - Look Fantastic Advent Calendar - Day 11

I completely forgot to post this yesterday, I apologise, so here's a slightly late post of what was inside Day 11 of the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar. Behind the door was a box of Eylure Lengthening No. 035 false lashes. Eylure is my absolute favourite brand for false lashes so I was very happy to see these! I was also happy to find that they are natural looking ones which is generally what I prefer. If I'm honest though I hardly ever wear false lashes, but seeing as these are natural, lengthening ones I might give them a try out on Christmas day.

Even better Eylure now provide little applicators in with the lashes so I should have no problems applying them. On that subject, when I was younger I always used to do my sister's makeup for her, when she was going on nights out and would apply her and her friends false eyelashes too! I've had a fair bit of practise at applying lashes considering I don't usually wear them myself!

Ellie x
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