Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Party Makeup Essential - Maybelline Master Ink Glitter Review

It's officially Christmas party season which means it's time to bring out the glitter! Easiest way to do it? With glitter eyeliner obviously. This isn't that silly, watery glitter rubbish you experimented with at your school disco though. It's way more advanced these days and actually wearable. That's what Maybelline have created with the Master Ink Black Gold Glitter Liner. Essentially it's like a regular black liquid liner except it has gold glitter running through it.

The Maybelline Master Ink Glitter Liner has a newly designed 'Smart Tip Brush' which hands down has to be one of the easiest liquid liner applicators I've ever used! It has the best of both worlds, a felt tip style applicator which is easy to use, but doesn't dry out because you dip it in the pot of liquid liner. I found that I could get a really precise line and flick with it and honestly, I felt like barely had to look in the mirror it was that easy. The Master Ink Liner is also available in a Matte Black and a Satin Black shade and I really want to try both these now.

What's even better is that once this stuff dries there is no budging it! It dries like a film so it's pretty much impossible to smudge and didn't flake off at all. Maybelline claim it to last a whopping sixteen hours which personally I haven't tested. I'm liable to believe it though judging by how difficult it is to remove. I was worried I would end up having to scrub at my eyes which I obviously didn't want to do. In the end however I actually found it peeled off in one long strip, slightly odd but not in a bad way!

The Maybelline Master Ink Glitter is really versatile in that you could incorporate it in almost any look. For me I found the best way to use it was to create a smoky eye, then line my eyes with a little flick of glitter and a thin line on top of the black on my lower lash line. I don't tend to wear a smoky eye as I think it looks a little too severe against my pale skin, but adding in the line of glitter just made it a bit more fun and wearable for me. I'm such a girly girl that I just can't resist a bit of glitter!

Have you tried the Maybelline Master Ink Glitter Liner in Black Gold? What are your thoughts on glitter liner? Let me know below!

Ellie x
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