Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - For Your Dad

1. M&S Collezione Pure Cashmere Scarf £35.00 AVAILABLE HERE
2. M&S Dapper Shaving Collection Gift Set £12.50 AVAILABLE HERE
3. Behind Enemy Lines: The Autobiography of Britain's Most Decorated Living War Hero (Book) £8.99 AVAILABLE HERE
4. Jasper Conran brown leather wallet and belt gift set £36.00 AVAILABLE HERE
5. Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control £69.95 AVAILABLE HERE
6. Rocha John Rocha Brown Flat Cap £18.75 AVAILABLE HERE
7. Autoloader Screwdriver £19.99 AVAILABLE HERE

Dad's are probably the most difficult to buy for at Christmas because they never give you any clues! They'll say 'Oh I don't really need anything' when really they're hoping you'll get them a motor bike or something. (Well at least that's what my Dad would say!) The gifts I've include are slightly more expensive than my other gift guides and that's because I couldn't resist the Doctor Who screwdriver TV remote. I mean how cool is that, especially as today marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who! (If you haven't watched it then you definitely should!) Everything else is very budget friendly and most importantly Dad friendly!

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