Sunday, 24 January 2016

Little Things That Make Me Happy

When you're having one of those really awful, cruddy, nothing's going your way days, what do you like to do to cheer yourself up? I was thinking about this recently when I was having one of those days. I realised there are things I always do without fail to make myself feel better. It's interesting when you stop and think about all the little things that make you happy that you do over and over again. We really are creatures of habit I suppose!

Re-read My Favourite Book(s)
I LOVE reading, I mean I read a lot! When I need to escape my reality for an hour and go into someone else's, I will pick up one of my favourite books and start reading. That usually means any book by Paige Toon, Lindsay Kelk or Jenny Han. I'm a typical girl and therefore a sucker for a rom-com, if you haven't checked out any of their books before then you definitely should! 

Talk To My Sister
My sister and I are basically the same person anyway so when I text/ring/whatsapp my sister, I know she'll get me out of my grump. Or she'll agree with me about what's annoying me. She'll listen when I'm sobbing down the phone. She'll ring me straight away if I need to talk to her. You get the idea, basically my Sister is the absolute bees frickin knees and I know she's always got my back.

Hang Out With Freddie
If you have a dog then you'll understand when I say that just being with my dog Freddie instantly improves my mood. It's hard to feel rubbish when you have a bouncy dog greet you at the door who's really pleased to see you. Or who needs to go for a walk so you have to get up and go and get some fresh air. Plus he's super cuddly so if I need to hug it out, he's the one. 

Write A To Do List
I'm not usually a list sort of person but when things are getting on top of me, the best thing is to make a to do list. Technically it doesn't cheer me up if I see all the things I need to do in front of me, but being able to write it all down and not worry about forgetting anything definitely does. Plus you can write it all down then walk away from it! For a little while at least. 

Bake Something
Baking is therapy for me when I want to keep my mind busy. It feels good to put a bit of effort into something or even just to try a new recipe and see how it works out. Even better you get something yummy out of it at the end and call me fickle, but the little bit of praise from the people who try it feels pretty good too!

Put Makeup On
No I don't need to wear makeup to feel happy about myself, it's applying it that thrills me the most. I find it completely relaxing focusing all my concentration on something that I really love doing. Of course there's the added confidence boost at the end that I look a bit better than I did before but even if I have no where to go, I can sit and apply my makeup and it will make me feel that little bit happier. 

So what makes you happy when you're feeling a bit down? Do you have any sort of rituals the same as me? Let me know below!

Ellie x
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