Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Easiest Way To Overcome Anxiety

The short answer? There isn't one. 

(This post is a little different to what I usually put up so if you're regular reader who's looking for more beauty posts, then I promise there will be more soon!)

If you've just found this post then it's more than likely you're in quite a desperate situation right now. I want to say how sorry I am because I've been there too. Searching the internet for any information that would help ease the anxious chaos in my mind and body. Unfortunately there isn't a quick solution, but I'm sure you know that already.

Find Your 'Thing'
Sure breathing techniques help, meditation helps, even medication helps. We're all different so what works for me might not work for you. You've just got to keep on trying until you find the thing that makes it slightly more bearable. That thing that helps you face your anxiety head on because you're going need it on your road to recovery. You have to feel anxious in order to learn how to deal with it. It's what you least want to here but it's true.

Quit Avoiding
No more avoiding what makes you anxious because that sweet feeling of relief doesn't last. Believe me, I've been there. I barely left the house for an entire year, avoiding every difficult situation I could just so I wouldn't have to feel that gnawing anxiety. Do you want to know what changed that? Someone told me I needed to start being kinder to myself. And they were right. If I spoke to a friend the same way I spoke to myself, honestly I don't think I'd have any friends left. Be kind to yourself, give yourself options. Think about what you would say to someone else in the same situation.

Something To Remember
What you are going through now is only going to make you a stronger person in the long run. Anxiety gives you the strength to deal with stressful situations in a way that other people won't have. It will be your super power in the future. You'll be that person that doesn't get flustered when things get difficult because you'll have had so much practise at it!

If something makes you feel anxious, do it! Keep doing it! Eventually it wont have that same power over you but you've got to keep feeling it to get to that point. It's the only way. You CAN do it!

I'm not medically qualified to give advice on mental health issues. I have however been diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder and slight agoraphobia, so issues with anxiety are something I've had a lot of experience with over the years. I wanted to write this post mainly because when I was at my worst and searched the internet for advice, all I found was a lot of stuff from people who had never experienced it themselves. I am someone who is overcoming their issues with anxiety, it can be done and I wanted to share that with anyone who feels like it can't.

If you'd like to speak to me about anything I've mentioned in this post then feel free to get in touch!

Ellie x
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