Friday, 13 September 2013

A Few Recent Buys From Primark

This is just a little post on a few recent buys from a surprisingly successful trip to Primark. The last few months I have not been the biggest fan of Primark, I just couldn't find anything I liked and every store I went into looked as if they had been ransacked by a pack of feral, bargain hunters which, if we're honest, is what happens to the best of us upon entering Primark. So this latest visit was not with the highest of hopes and after trailing through countless aisles of floaty camis in every colour under the sun and hundreds of patterned pyjama bottoms I found what I was looking for (although I was never really sure what I was looking for).

First I found these two dresses, the one on the left is a dark green colour with a white geometric 60s style print on it and slightly puffy capped sleeves. It's quite fitted at the waist and falls just above my knees. The dress on the right is white with an Aztec style multi-coloured print and grey t shirt  style sleeves. It's thigh length and made of quite a light weight material. The waist is elasticated so it's slight more comfortable than the other dress but is more loose fitted.    

I was pretty happy with my finds so off I went to pay when I saw these really cute round neck cardigans in tons of different colours. I've been after some nice cardigans for ages so I picked up one in black and another in electric blue and I think they'll be perfect for autumn/winter. For some reason the blue cardigan has full length sleeves and the black cardigan has three quarter length sleeves which doesn't bother me, I just found it a bit strange seeing as otherwise they are the exact same cardigans. I suppose it's just another quirky trait of Primark clothing that many of the same items in different colours are slightly different to each other. I wonder if anyone else has found the same thing?

The total for all the items came to £30 and I honestly can't see a difference in quality between these clothes and ones you'd find in Topshop or Miss Selfridge. Primark, just as you're loosing me, you draw me back in, how can I resist £30 for four items when one dress in Topshop costs £30. It's simply really.
Unfortunately in the Primark I went in to they didn't yet have any of the autumn/winter range I've seen so much of online. There looks to be some really great items in it so I think I'll have to make another trip there in a few weeks.

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